There are two great best selling products:

  1. The 15 ml Magnetic Aura’s scented oil, a favorite of most
  2. Herbal scented hand-made Magnetic Aura’s refreshing soap bar
  • The scented oil is price at    Rm 29.90 West Malaysia/ Rm 35.00 Sabah, Sarawak
  • The soap bar is price at        Rm 19.90  West Malaysia/ Rm  22.90 Sabah Sarawak

Why the oil?

The scented oil able to effectively balances the positive and negative ions hence great for overall being and blood circulation.It is made with sunflower oil, United Kingdom formulated magnetized water and non alcohol fragrance.

Its halal.


Why the soap?

The refreshing ‘hand-made’ soap bar is made with beetle nut extract (Daun Sireh), collagen and United Kingdom formulated magnetized water.Its balances the distribution of magnetized ions even further as it cleanses. In combination with the Magnetic Aura oil you are well taken care of inside out.

Its halal.


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