Magnetic Aura is a remarkable magnetic therapy product formulated in the United Kingdom.  This product is safe for use as it only contains high quality natural ingredients manufactured under stringent quality procedure.  Magnetic Aura is a complementary therapy treatment, drug-free, non-invasive health product and totally safe to use alongside prescribed medications.

Magnetic Aura helps balancing positive and negative charges in your body hence improving blood circulation and stimulating oxygen and nutrients to body cells.  The stimulation of blood circulation also carries away damaged or toxic materials causing pain.  This process not only helps relief discomfort but also speed up recovery and improves health in general.

Magnetic therapy has been used by many people around the globe and across the centuries.  It is also popular among health professionals such as doctors, physiotherapist, veterinas, etc.


Championing magnetic therapy, Magnetic Aura has many successful stories from its large customer base in Asia.  As a provider of a complimentary non-drugs treatment we have documented phenomenal feedback from people who have experience improvement, pain relief or recovery in the following adverse conditions:

Muscular pain and stiffness including arthritis and sciatica.

Backache, pain, stiffness and tenderness of muscles, tendons and joints

Numbness on feet and hands

Kidney, stomach and menstrual dysfunctions

Acne, eczema, migraine, insomnia and hair loss

Diabetes and high blood pressure

Magnetic Aura has also helped many people to reduce cigarettes addictions, improve vitality and enhance sex lives, increase stamina for individuals doing physical labour and active activities such as sports, gardening as well as individuals with busy and demanding lifestyles.

Try and experience the difference….


  • Sun Flower Oil
  • Magnetic Water (Formulated In United Kingdom)
  • Alcohol Free Perfume


Apply with gentle massage on pulse points around wrists, below ears, under the feet, twice a day

It is also recommended to apply Magnetic Aura sparingly on the hair to growth of grey hair and on the scalp to repair hair roots

Magnetic Aura can be applied under your glass, cup or mineral water bottle for drinking.

Magnetic Aura can be used as massage oil

Keep Magnetic Aura in your pocket to help you stay energetic all day.


From our marketing demonstrations, in terms of improving your energy level, it works almost instantaneously.  Some of our customers experience the positive effect within hours. However, the majority of people feel relief and improving health within 2-3 weeks, a much smaller number found relief within 2-4 months.


Although it is not common, approximately 1 in 50 will experience ‘healing crisis’ when using Magnetic Aura for the first time.  This includes drowsiness, headache and nausea.  If you experience these side effects, please stop using Magnetic Aura but we advise you to just carry it in your pocket to slowly achieve balance.  You may continue using this product again after a few days.  If any of the side effects become serious please consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Magnetic Aura is completely safe EXCEPT for:

  1. Expectant mother
  2. Children under the age of 3
  3. Individuals using pacemakers, defibrillator, insulin pump or transdermal drug delivery patches or any similar implanted electro-medical device.
  4. Do not apply on open wound / broken skin
  5. While under clinical examination using electronic facilities
  6. Individual with serious allergies

Magnetic Aura is a complementary therapy treatment, please continue with your prescribed medication even though your heath has improved unless on doctor’s advice.


Keep out of reach and sight of children

Do not store above 25 degrees celcious

Keep away from high frequency electronic equipment and gadgets including mobile phones.


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